Architectural Consultancy

The exterior of any space defines its interiors. It is very important to maintain a clear concept outlining the entire construction creating sync between both; the inside and the outside. Keeping in mind the unique requirement of each project in terms of size, budgets and structural constraints Asta excels in crafting spaces that emit a sense of well-being in every form, shape and design. As you step into a space carved by Asta you will experience harmony and connectivity through the design; yet a subtle touch of independence in every piece of furniture and form.

Interior Designing

We transform your imagination into reality and more; passionately generating a blue print that emphasises your personality. Our design process is an intense exercise involving a detailed layout that meets your needs and desires aimed at articulating every space into a comfort zone for you; using colour, styling and spacing to the best possibility thus emanating a spirit of joy. Design is in the detail. Detailing involves monitoring everything from creating new pieces of furniture to restoring old one and even maintaining the intrinsic value of a space. All formations, placement of furniture and accessories are aesthetically appealing, never failing to live up to the functionality of the space.

Design Built

Whether you are looking for a fresh interior design idea or you simply want to renovate your space, with Asta you can be sure of professional guidance and support from start to finish. We ascertain that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, transforming every design into authenticity through a meticulous execution process that instil in our clients a confidence and faith that’s unmatched to any fee. The one quality that makes Asta desirable is the ability to craft an idea on-site to sync in the demands of technical constraints while guarding the aesthetics of a place. With the Asta team one is never stranded with regard to any limitations as their hand-on execution skills create a way for flawless processes and stunning results.

Project Management

Time management is a major concern in an industry governed by labourers. We plan your project in accordance with your timelines never failing to update you at various states of the designing and building process; keeping you informed of the progress. This discipline stems from a well-planned work module that is created before embarking upon a project. While we maintain a strict timeline, we resort to high quality standards and work ethics. Our genuine involvement and attention to detail results in two things: great spaces and undisputed client satisfaction, both of which fuel us with the energy to do better the next time.