Ingenico Group

Location Bhandup | Mumbai
Category Interior | Commercial
Scale 13,000 Sq. ft
Status Completed, August 2019

Visit sophistication in its best dress:

This absolutely awe inspiring project wave of utter freshness that revived the office harmony and stirred a strong surge amongst the staff to go to work. The unconventional, non-clinical office interior has everything that exudes class, sophistication and comfort. The beauty of the place has been optimised with one-size-fits-all benching system lending to its openness and easy navigation. Personal cabins, located along the periphery, afford just the right privacy, while being totally accessible and in sync with the rest of the office harmony. Glass clad offices and meeting rooms inspire transparency; Open ceilings with suspended lights magnify the space and stimulate curiosity.

Little recreation areas are colourful to rejuvenate the mind, and a stunning reception welcomes you with poise and confidence. A visit to the canteen is as good as a visit to any plush coffee shop with high seating coupled with fine ambiance to refuel the mind and body. INGENICO surely made us proud.