Location Mumbai
Category Interior | Residential
Scale 840 Sq.ft
Status Completed January 2019

A residence in Mumbai:
The goal was to create a calm, comfortable environment. We used soft, mild colours throughout the apartment.

Earth-toned colour combined with indulgent light fittings to create the modern homely feel. Textured wallpapers silently captivate the attention of anyone standing next to them and perfectly blend in with the other elements in the room to stimulate harmony and comfort in the living space.

The textured walls of the living room exude cozy comfort that is well maintained through a screen at the entrance ensuring privacy; enter the kids room and find yourself in a joyous pastel blue space synced with navy blue fabric to pamper the mind, heart and soul as the colour blue emits coolness, rest and happiness; the master bedroom is a place for total rejuvenation with fresh green splashed all over the place, and coupled with fine touch of wall paper and dainty furniture to enhance comfort and snug feel.