About Us

Rewind to 15 years back. That’s when we started shaping spaces and ever since we have evolved with changing times, advancing technology and versatile tastes;

keeping culture alive while taking modernity into every stride. At Asta you will discover that our design solutions are vision driven and crafted with accuracy; leaving behind a trail of sophistication and design sense that inspires all things good and encourages positive vibes.

We work closely with you to address your challenges and design objective adding value through an in-depth study of the space, your goals and purposes. Then we compose a collection of images to interconnect and define form, colour, texture, detailing, functionality, environment and sentiment creating an unspoken harmony making every space radiant with optimism.

As we get down to creating a blueprint of your imagination in tangible ideas we create a visual language that communicates comfort and eliminates constraints through creative solutions.



Asta was founded by Architect Soniya Tambe to accomplish the ambition of creating spaces with character and soul.

With a prestigious degree and a wealth of experience gathered through working with renowned names like ZZ architects and QSR giants like Hardcastle Restaurants PVT. Soniya boasts an attractive portfolio. She excels in styling family residences to high end residences, Commercial offices, Hospitality, and landscaping. Her team comprises industry veterans known for their association with the best names in the industry dedicated to offering timeless solutions that result from attention to design details, proportions and customization; some of the features intrinsic of our design culture. At her design studio you will find a plethora of ideas that fill the atmosphere with positive vibes.


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